How to Find the Best Bedtime Tea

When it comes to helping children sleep soundly, nothing beats a good night's sleep with the best bedtime tea. The wide variety of bedtime tea blends on the market today are designed with many different purposes in mind. Here are some of the best bedtime tea blends that are guaranteed to help you sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed when you go to bed:

Chamomile: Some of the most popular bedtime teas on the market today are those that contain only herbal ingredients. Most common bedtime tea blends are made from natural herbal ingredients, including chamomile and lavender. Many of the teams listed below are simply prepared with a little Primrose whistling tea pot and then brewed and served in an empty cast iron tea pot or glass container with an infuser. If you have a high quality tea kettle available, you can use that to brew a cup of hot tea and then enjoy it chilled.
Best Bedtime Tea

Valerian: Valerian is also known as "The Little Green Man"The Sleepy Head." This herb is used for many different reasons in the bedtime tea blend. Many people use Valerian as an aid to sleep because it is an energizing stimulant that helps induce sleep.
Tangerine: This tea contains Vitamin C. This vitamin can help to promote relaxation, which can help to make a person fall asleep. Tangerine is also an anti-anxiety herb, so you can relax before sleeping. It is a great tea to serve before bedtime.

Passionflower: Passionflower has an anti-depressant effect on the body. It helps to provide a soothing sense of well-being, which is very helpful in promoting sleep. Many tea blends contain Passionflower as a main ingredient, or as an additional ingredient.

Lavender: Lavender is a natural anti-inflammatory. It is also an anti-irritant. You can take lavender tea with your breakfast, and it can help calm and soothe the stomach after a long stressful day.
Valerian: Valerian tea is used as a tea for insomnia. It is known to promote deep, restful sleep without a need for sleeping pills. Many people choose this tea for its sleep inducing properties because of the way it works to promote relaxation. Valerian can also be used to help treat sleeplessness as well as to provide relief from muscle aches.

These are just a few of the best bedtime tea blends that are available. There are many more to choose from, including Echinacea tea and Valerian, to name just a few of the many options you have to choose from.

To find the best bedtime teas that work best for your child, you may want to try a few different brands. You should also try to find a brand that has no artificial flavors or colors. You want the tea to be relaxing, soothing, yet you don't want to add too much caffeine to the tea.

For example, a good brand will have no added sweetness to the tea. You should also look for a tea that is made with only herbal extracts, such as Echinacea, Valerian, and other relaxing teas.
The type of tea you use for your child's age will also depend on their sleep habits. If your child has a tendency to over-sleep, you may want to avoid a strong, caffeinated tea like coffee.
If your child is a night owl and needs more sleep, you can add a milder tea to their bedtime drink. It should be less stimulating. Some people use cinnamon tea as well, but you do want the tea to be calming and not as stimulating as coffee.

Also, make sure to research your tea blend before giving it to them. Be sure to read any reviews or recommendations about it. The best bedtime tea for children should be one that can bring you both rest and relief for their tired bodies.

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