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You may be wondering whether or not you can freely use copyright free images on your site, especially if they're not in the public domain. The answer to this is yes and no, but it depends on a lot of factors.
If you want to use a copyrighted image you can, then you need to get permission from the owner. But if you are using a public domain image then you can use it for whatever purpose you see fit. However, you will need to make sure that you have permission from the copyright holder first so that you don't get into legal trouble.

copyright free image sources

There are several good places to find these copyright free image sources. A quick search on Google or Bing for the word "copyright" should bring up dozens of links to free image sources.
The other thing you need to keep in mind is that some of these sites won't allow you to use the images commercially without permission. This means that if you use an image on your site and then decide to post the same image elsewhere on your site then you will need to contact the copyright holder of that image first.

However, there are also many more commercial places that will allow you to use these copyright free image sources for whatever purpose you see fit. These include commercial print shops, websites, and other types of web-based businesses.
But just finding the right place is not enough for you to use this type of image. For example, there are hundreds of different companies that make computer games and movies, and they will often copyright all of their images in order to protect them.

For instance, many video game developers will copyright their images in order to ensure that they are able to use them in their video games. This is why you will often see these images used as background images or sometimes even in the game itself.
So, you can freely use these copyright-free images on your website, but you will have to make sure that you get permission from the copyright holders first. This may be more difficult than you originally thought, but with a little effort you can find these places on your own.
One way to find these public domain image sources is to simply do an online search. Just enter the image into the search box of Google or any other search engine and then click search to find out where you can find these free images.

If you want you can also sort the results by category. Just enter a keyword in the search bar and the result list should tell you what type of free images you are looking for.
Some of the sites that you will find these free images at will have many different categories of photos and you can often click on each category to see which are free. In fact, this is a great way to browse the site and find the ones you like. and start using them in your next project.
If the public domain images you find are not in the categories you would like then you can usually look for them in the search boxes at the bottom of the page. You can usually search by categories or subject.

By using the search engines to find these free photo source sites you will have a much easier time of finding the ones that you need. When you find them just make sure that you have the proper permissions so that you don't end up in legal trouble!

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