Blogger Adsense Approval Tricks in 2020 | Google Adsense Account Approval Trick 2020

Blogger Adsense Approval Tricks in 2020 : Will you start a blog on Blogger, and receive approval from Adsense for it? I'll clarify step by step how to apply with your blogger website for Adsense.

It was so easy to obtain approval of Google Adsense in a short time. Even for beginners, it's still bad time! Many people say that incorporating advertisements into your blog is genuinely simple and easy. But I don't agree with them, because I know the secrets and the truth. One thing I agree about is getting AdSense account with Blogger is much better than any other site. I've been working online for the past 7 years, and have learned a lot about blogging.

Blogger Adsense Approval Trick 2020

   How to get adsense approval for blogger

If you follow these AdSense Approval Tricks then first you will be successful. 

#1. Active Website with Custom Domain ( .com, .xyz, .net, .org)

Google AdSense's first criterion for acceptance is that you must have an active custom-domain website.

When you started your blog with a blogger, there will certainly be"" in your domain because it is free.

If your blog is on a subdomain such as: "" then you should stop dreaming about Google Adsense because it likes custom domains more according to the new google policy.

If your goal is to take Google Adsense's approval then you will need to go to top-level domains such,.net,.org, etc. as these domains are available internationally and Google gives them greater priority.

In addition, if you want to create a country-specific website, you can also purchase a country-specific domain such,.us,.co.

If you are starting a new blog then I would suggest you to invest some money and try to go to well known extensions,.net,.org, etc. and get adsense approval fast.

#2. Genuine and Unique Content


 Your website should have genuine content which is exclusive. Try to make the content exclusive at 100 per cent.

You can write the content yourself for this, or you can get the content written by a freelance author and publish it on your website.

Genuine and reliable content should not mean any material which is illegal or copied.

Nearly all new bloggers think we're going to steal other people's content and create our own content but Google isn't that stupid. He reviews every page that is indexed in Google so you can't fool him easily.

If you think we're going to get Google Adsense accepted by copying content, then you're only dreaming it's neither happening nor happening.

It's not a fix how many posts an AdSense approval would be on your website, but 15 to 20 unique posts are enough.

Each post's word count will number more than six hundred. This increases the chance of an adSense approval of 90 per cent.

You're going to write your article that describes it as winning and will be as perfect for your blog as that.

#3. Add some Important Pages

 There are some important pages in your website that need to be listed. I am not referring to the article.

It shows what is all about your blog or website. Growing page has its own specific purpose.

In your website homepage, you can build these pages and link them to the top bar or menu bar at the bottom.

These are relevant pages:

  •  About Us 
  • Contact Us Privacy 
  • Policy 
These pages are necessary and need to have them on your website before you apply for AdSense.

#4. User-friendly Website Design


 Your website design is a very important consideration for being accepted by AdSense. Your website should be mobile friendly as most of the blogs are now read in mobile phones.

For build a user-friendly website that opens in both the mobile and desktop, you need to use a clear and responsive theme.

You don't have to spend the money for that. There are many free themes on the internet that are sensitive and user-friendly too.

#5. Remove Other Ads Network

 This is the most important thing before Google Adsense is applied. There are also other ad networks, including Google Adsense, such as: Popads, Infolinks, etc. As long as the website does not have Google Adsense, you can use other ad networks to produce revenue.

But if you have used a specific network of ads, delete it before subscribing to Google Adsense.

Since Google Adsense does not help other advertising networks, if you are one of them as well, your application may be denied.

And keep this thing in mind before applying for an adsense.

#6. Website Loading Speed


 Check the website speed before applying to Google Adsense because if your website loads slowly then Google Adsense won't get approval.

Some websites and blogs will be opened in mobile by 2020, as a result of which Google also tests the speed of your site.

I've applied for Google Adsense approval for one of my websites, then Google didn't approve by saying slow load speed.

# 7. Fix Site Navigation

Blog design is the most significant consideration & justification for the rejection of Adsense application. Your blog design needs to be quick, easy to navigate & mobile-friendly. If your blog doesn't work on other devices and your user finds it difficult then be 100 percent sure your Adsense application won't be accepted.

#8.  Drive organic Traffic

 Google Adsense can only add ads to your blog after traffic monetization. If you have low traffic on your blog post then it will deny the Adsense submission. You will push at least 40 page views daily from the different sources of traffic. Driving organic traffic in a new blog is hard so some people use an illegal traffic generator tool.

#9. Do not use Multiple Adsense Account

 If you already have an Adsense account then your Adsense approval will not be accepted by Google. A consumer can only own a single account, so applying for Adsense with the same email address often infringes privacy.

Last words about Blogger Adsense Approval Trick

I listed above all the points which are important for the approval of Adsense. I myself use these tricks to get AdSense accepted.

With these tricks, I have approved a ton of Adsense account. When you apply for adsense after all these tricks, your account will be accepted by 95 percent chanse.


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